Annie Hart is the ‘Impossible Accomplice’ at Shacklewell Arms

Annie Hart, of all-female synth trio Au Revoir Simone, is heading to London’s Shacklewell Arms on 2 October in support of her debut solo LP.

‘Impossible Accomplice’, due for release on 15 September, is preceded by the single ‘Hard To Be Still’.


“I have never been able to write a normal love song in all my days with Au Revoir Simone or before, despite having been with the same person since I was 21,” says Hart. “They always had some element of tragedy, betrayal, or melancholy lumped in no matter what I did to fight it.”

But while she was on tour with Au Revoir Simone, who recently appeared in ‘Twin Peaks’, she began toying with the instruments she found at a friend’s home in Portland.

“By some strange miracle of being away from my husband and small child, I was finally able to properly say thank you to him for being supportive and doing his share as a parent, which a lot of women don’t get,” she says.

“I was also noticing some other men around at the time, who were hitting on me but were blatantly just after the obvious and weren’t really seeing me for me. And there was my husband, who knew all my neurotic tendencies and workaholic nature and never stopped loving me more surely or evenly for over 10 years. I’m glad I finally have that one nice love song about him.”

‘Hard To Be Still’, like the other seven songs on ‘Impossible Accomplice’, embraces Hart’s newfound less-is-more approach – she put the whole thing together, alone in the basement of her home.


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