Reverend & The Makers celebrating ‘The Death Of A King’ at Electric Ballroom

Reverend & The Makers are heading out on the road this winter, including a London show at Electric Ballroom on 25 October.

Their 5-date tour is in support of their upcoming sixth album, ‘The Death Of A King’, which has been preceded by new single ‘Too Tough To Die’.

The band’s follow-up to the Jamaica-recorded ‘Mirrors’ was largely tracked in Thailand and film footage shot during their time in the country has been used in the new music video.

“We loved the recording abroad thing after the last album.Gives the albums a flavour of their own and so we thought we’d give Thailand a try, take the family and all that,” says frontman Jon McClure, who’s joined in the band by Ed Cosens, Joe Carnall, Laura McClure, and Ryan Jenkinson.

“I’ve been there before and Pete and Carl raved about Bang Saray so we took all the gang out there. Loads of us. It had finally got back to that big collective I’d always wanted to create. Having long since given up the notion of being number One, we resolved to just make tunes we liked.

“Ryan’s mrs played bass for a tune, the wives and kids sang backing vocals. Being so far away from home and my family (Laura couldn’t come as she was pregnant) meant I was starting to go a bit mental by the end.

“I kinda feel like some of that comes thru in the tunes a bit too. I’m kind of off trying to recreate ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’. I’m 35. I have a new set of concerns. I see the world in a different way now so I’m trying to be true to who I am today.”


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