Fake Laugh gets real at Sebright Arms

Fake Laugh, who’s just released his self-titled debut album, is set to share its songs with a London audience.

The musical alter-ego of London-based Kamran Khan plays Sebright Arms on 25 October 2017.

Currently touring as a member of The Japanese House, and having previously played in Lovepark, Fake Laugh began as “a bit of fun on the side” for the Berlin-born musician. But when it became his sole focus, he and producer Theo Verney sought to create “ambitious good pop songs”.

He explains: “I wanted to make a point of writing more traditional and direct songs. I wanted to make sure that every part I wrote for each instrument was as melodious as possible. That sort of super satisfying feeling you can get from music sometimes is the aim for to me. The challenge is being able to hit that spot.”

He’s certainly hit that spot on latest single ‘As I Get To Know You Better’.

“This song is essentially about friendship. The experience of being enamoured with someone, but then learning their flaws and revealing yours to them, and this revealing ultimately bringing you closer together,” he explains.


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