Wolf Parade will ‘Cry Cry Cry’ at O2 Forum

Wolf Parade are heading to London as part of an international tour behind ‘Cry Cry Cry’, their first album in seven years.

The band, who’ve just released the LP’s lead single ‘Valley Boy’, hit the O2 Forum in Kentish Town on 22 November 2017.


“The band itself is almost a fifth member of the band, something more or at least different than the sum of its parts,” says co-frontman Spencer Krug. “We don’t know who or what is responsible for our sound, it’s just something that naturally and consistently comes from this particular combo of musicians.”

Adds Dan Boeckner, who shares primary lyrical and singing duties with Spencer: “Once we got back together, I was playing guitar, writing and singing in a way that I only do while I’m in Wolf Parade. It’s just something that I can’t access without the other three people in the room.”

The others in the room, also including drummer Arlen Thompson and bass player Dante DeCaro, recorded with producer John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney) at Robert Lang Studios outside Seattle.

“All of our albums are always a reaction to our last one,” says Thompson. “‘Expo 86’ was about as sparse as we get, which is usually still pretty dense, and this time we wanted to make the palette a little larger.”

He adds: “I think we’re actually a better band than we were when we stopped playing music together. A little bit more life experience for everybody, and people having made a bunch of records on their own.”

‘Cry Cry Cry’ is released on 6 October.


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