Triggerfinger are Colossal at 100 Club

To coincide with the release of their new album, Triggerfinger have announced a six-date UK tour that culminates in a show at The 100 Club on 10 October.

They’ve also launched an animated video for the LP’s title track, ‘Colossus’. The song, which showcases the Belgian trio’s now more expansive sound, marks the first time the band worked with two basses.

“Ditching the guitar really opened up the groove, and the combination of two bass guitars was very intriguing, sonically. It was heavy, but fresh at the same time,” explains singer Ruben Block.

“Images and pieces of conversations flashed through my mind, like a collage, and over this monumental groove I began to chant: ‘Colossus! Colossus!’ It stuck.”

This fresh approach was something the trio, rounded out by bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and drummer Mario Goossens, wanted to pursue on their fifth studio album.

“The previous albums were all built on roaring energy and the live interaction between the three of us,” explains Block. “That was not our main concern anymore. This time the song would be king. ‘Anything goes’, that was our motto. Acoustic instruments, samples, keyboards, percussion, two bass guitars: as long as they served the song, we were happy.”

To help them realise their vision, the rock band who’ve opened for the likes of Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Rolling Stones, teamed up with producer Mitchell Froom, best known for his work with Crowded House and Suzanne Vega.

An unlikely pairing, perhaps, but during their six weeks at Froom’s home studio, the producer became a fourth band member and de facto keyboard player.

“This must be the boldest thing we’ve ever done,” says Block of the recording process. “We’ve been fans of Mitchell Froom’s work for a long time, but working with your heroes can be a dangerous thing. Mitchell proved to be comforting and challenging at the same time. He opened so many doors for us, and with Colossus he put us on track for the next few years.”


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