Noga Erez dancing to Corsica Studios

Noga Erez has shared a new remix of her single ‘Dance While You Shoot’ ahead of her first full UK headline tour, which includes a stop at Corsica Studios on 26 October.

The song from the Tel Aviv singer’s debut album, ‘Off The Radar’, has been reimagined by Chicago multi-instrumentalist and producer Nnamdi Ogbonnaya.


“Nnamdi Ogbonnaya’s album ‘Drool’ has been one of this year’s highlights for me,” explains Erez. “It’s been a long time since I’ve come across music with such bold sound and creative freedom.


“Having Nnamdi remixing “Dance While You Shoot” is a big deal for me and I am so excited about the result. Nnamdi managed to shed a new light on the song, gave it a new interpretation and was able to really mix between our musical worlds.”

Adds Ogbonnaya: “There are few things that, when I hear them for the first time, can immediately captivate my complete attention, and this track (the whole album) did that.


“It sets a mood where I was able to imagine myself enjoying it equally by myself while reflecting on how small one can feel in the grand scheme of life and also see myself enjoying it in a large crowd going completely apeshit. Both seem equally freeing.”


During 2017 Erez herself has been playing to increasingly large crowds, playing sets at SXSW, The Great Escape, Convergence, Primavera, Roskilde, and Siren, as well as touring with Sylvan Esso.


Her growing popularity underlines her belief that music can be a unifying force.


“Our way of trying to keep in contact with our feelings and fears, and of avoiding emotional detachment about everything, is music,” she says. “Human beings can come from completely different places but share a fundamental basis of emotions. In my opinion, music is the form of art or communication that expresses that most accurately.”


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