Husky Loops taking ‘EP2’ on the road

Husky Loops, who’ve just released ‘EP2’, are about to tour and tour and tour.

This month the band are supporting Placebo and playing shows with Superfood and Tigerclub; next month is a full headline tour across the UK, including a show at The Lexington on 17 November.

The trio have previously played support slots for the likes of The Kills and Sunflower Bean.

Their new EP, recorded at Mushroom Studio in the northern Italian mountains and featuring songs like ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’ and ‘Fading Out’, balances the energy of their live shows with the attention detail of their studio recordings.

“’Fading Out’ is about leaving home,” explains singer Dario. “It’s open to interpretation, like most of our lyrics, but the song was inspired by both break ups and Mediterranean migrants. Musically it was really influenced by hip hop, I was listening to a lot of Pusha T and Jeru the Damaja and it’s all about rhythm.”

The single ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’, in turn, is “about freedom and letting someone you love go” and has been accompanied by a video directed by Tom Ringbsy.

“The video is based around a realisation called Sonder,” says Ringsby. “That each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own – populated with their own ambitions, worries and inherent craziness – a million stories that continue invisibly around you in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee or staring at your phone on the bus.

“The overcast sky fit the surprisingly optimistic track.”




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