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Tonstartssbandht: A plethora of mighty fine times

Tonstartssbandht, brothers Andy and Edwin White, are back with ‘Sorcerer’, their first full-length studio album in six years. Recorded live in their former Brooklyn apartment, its three expansive noise-rock tracks explore themes of relapse, recovery, and lost relationships through vocal loops, guitars, drums, distortion, and the sounds of the city that infiltrated the recording sessions.

Fresh off a UK tour, and now sitting in the rocking chair in his Orlando, Florida home, Edwin tells us about returning to Tonstartssbandht, making music with his brother, nailing the perfect take, being in Mac DeMarco’s backing band, dancing better and laughing harder, and “a very clean and finely tuned swimming pool of alkalised minerals and yonderness”.

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Evawolf: We’re excited to see where we can take it next

East London quartet Evawolf have been honing their unique take on alt-rock since 2015. Joey, the band’s singer and guitarist, tells us about their evolution from a duo, the influence of Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, recording their debut EP, who taught them it’s OK to have a girl in the band, and why The White Stripes’ ‘Elephant’ changed his life.

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Sukh: ‘Something Good’ exclusive song premiere

Doctor by day, musician by night. That’s Sukhdeep Krishan, or Sukh to his fans. Since releasing his debut album ‘Kings’ in 2013, the Manchester-based singer-songwriter has balanced making music with making people better.

“I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven’t picked up a guitar and played a piano for a while. I get restless,” he reveals. “So I guess you could say I need to do it. Music is a completely different world to my day job.

“I like to think they complement each other, but the very nature of music and its ability to allow self-expression is a stark contrast to the guideline-driven and logical approach to medicine. Music, I guess, is my medicine especially with the current state of things.”

And today the medicine he’s prescribing is the sunny ‘Something Good’, his new single, out on 14 April.

“It’s a happy song and alludes to the idea that something good is everywhere but people are always looking for it, or perhaps overlooking it,” he says.

But, even though he’s a doctor, don’t just take his word for it. We have the exclusive premiere, so listen to it now.

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Sarah Walk: I’ll just keep on dreaming

There’s nothing pedestrian about Sarah Walk. The singer, whose debut album is out on Bjork’s One Little Indian label later this year, writes and performs powerful, moving songs that don’t disguise their emotional intensity or massive hooks.

Then again, the Berklee College of Music graduate has had plenty of practice.

“I’ve been writing since i was really little, I have old home videos of me banging on the piano when I was like 4 or 5 trying to make something up,” she remembers.

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Bad Touch: Create a memory

Bad Touch have been making a joyous rock ‘n roll noise for the past six years – in which time the Norfolk five-piece have released two full-length albums; toured with the likes of The Quireboys, Jared James Nichols, and The Kentucky Headhunters; and played festivals like Hard Rock Hell and Download.

As the band embark on their co-headlining ‘Planet Rock Roadstars’ tour with Broken Witt Rebels, Bad Touch guitarist Daniel Seekings talks starting out in pubs, latest album ‘Truth Be Told’, cover versions, and why hitting the road is what it’s all about.

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Sari Schorr: Seek to cherish the day

“I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love,” says Sari Schorr. “My whole life I always wanted to try to do something to create value for other people, and for a long time I thought my love of music was a selfish pursuit, just something making me happy. I didn’t appreciate the fact that my music could actually be a benefit for other people.

“When I finally was able to see it more objectively and could accept that people really do like what we’re doing, and it’s important to them, and in some small way we’re creating something that people enjoy, that really empowered me to be able to embrace this 100%,” she continues. Continue reading Sari Schorr: Seek to cherish the day

Keston Cobblers Club are almost home

Keston Cobblers Club, who made a big impact with their 2015 album ‘Wildfire’, are back with the follow-up, ‘Almost Home’, that’s likely to see the London-based quintet and their catchy, folk-infused songs reach even bigger audiences.

Frontman Matthew Lowe tells us about what home means to him, going back to basics, cover versions, being in a band with his sister and a childhood friend,  and why their new album’s cover can turn into a house.

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