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Dan Reed Network get the funk out

As Dan Reed Network prepare to join Extreme on their UK tour, the band’s frontman opens up about their next album, his first gig experience, the passing of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, recording new songs in front of fans, learning to be more collaborative, and why he loves ‘More Than Words’.

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The Tubes: living up to their reputation

Fee Waybill is a storyteller, and not just through his lyrics, on-stage banter, or the multiple characters he inhabits during a show. Even in an interview situation, The Tubes singer is an enthusiastic and engaging conversationalist. With each question typically sparking a free-flowing five-minute reply, over the course of five questions he covers everything from volcanoes, drugs, and headlining Roskilde, to touring the UK with Alice Cooper and writing songs with Richard Marx.

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Leif Vollebekk learns to let go

Since releasing his latest album ‘Twin Solitude’ in February, Leif Vollebekk has toured the UK twice, supporting Gregory Alan Isakov and Margaret Glaspy. Next month he returns for a series of headlining shows, including a performance at Moth Club on 21 November.

Ahead of his return, the Canadian multi-instrumentalist tells us about mesmerising audiences, Neil Young’s greatest record, relinquishing control to the songwriting process, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, teaching people new words, and his “terrible Lancaster accent”.

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Johanna Glaza crafts ‘Wild Sculptures’

Johanna Glaza, the Lithuanian born London-based artist who’s put her unique spin on folk music, has just released her debut solo LP, ‘Wild Sculptures’.

She tells us about walking the edge between raw and beautiful, the continued influence of Bach’s organ music, unlocking emotions through symbols, learning to play the piano, and finding her own voice.

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Wilko Johnson: ‘Just get up there and play’

Five years ago, Wilko Johnson never imagined he’d reach 70. But now the straight-talking survivor is celebrating the milestone with his first headline show at Royal Albert Hall.

In the run-up to the gig, he tells us about overcoming a diagnosis of terminal cancer, an unlikely collaboration with Roger Daltrey, learning to live in the moment on stage, the effect of seeing The Beatles and Chuck Berry play live, and pretending his guitar is a machine gun.

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Sophia Marshall says hello with ‘Bye Bye’

Sophia Marshall first made a name for herself as half of Americana duo The HaveNots. Now she’s back with ‘Bye Bye’, her debut solo album, that draws from her alt-country roots while adding traces of folk, rockabilly, indie pop, and even ‘90s trip-hop.

The singer-songwriter tells us about returning after a nine-year hiatus from making music, falling in love with Americana, the importance of sincerity, listening to too much Britpop as a teenager, and the song she wrote in the shower.

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