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Mike Doughty: Let’s get down to business now

A lot’s changed for Mike Doughty in the 20 years since he lived in London. He split Soul Coughing, the deep slacker jazz” band that brought him success and anguish. He quit the drugs that helped him cope. He went solo. He wrote a memoir. He wrote a rock opera. And he started taking selfies with various food products.

But what’s not changed are his feelings towards the city he called home for most of 1996.  

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Goldfish: Choose your own adventure

How would you recover from a gruelling US tour? Goldfish’s David Poole went surfing in the Maldives. Dom Peters, the Cape Town electronic duo’s other half, attended a music festival just outside his home town.

“That was probably the wrong thing to do,” Peters laughs on the line from the group’s studio. “I wore a hoodie, which helped, because everybody kept asking me what time I was playing.”

Similar situations are now likely to start playing out in North America. After a decade in which they’ve become celebrities in South Africa, Ibiza stalwarts, and regulars on the European club scene, 2015 is the year that they’re cracking the ‘States.

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All This Noise: You’re here to stay

Creativity doesn’t have to come from conflict.

“After a while you get used to each other,” says Alan, producer and bass player of All This Noise. “There’s no panic, there’s no weird ego stuff. It doesn’t matter who does what. Nothing matters.”

“When we started writing stuff together, it just sort of clicked,” continues James, the other half of the London band formed little under a year ago. “We haven’t really forced anything.

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