Evawolf: We’re excited to see where we can take it next

East London quartet Evawolf have been honing their unique take on alt-rock since 2015. Joey, the band’s singer and guitarist, tells us about their evolution from a duo, the influence of Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, recording their debut EP, who taught them it’s OK to have a girl in the band, and why The White Stripes’ ‘Elephant’ changed his life.

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Lewis Watson: Midnight

Lewis Watson | Midnight

“Less is more,” they say. But they obviously haven’t heard Lewis Watson’s second album.

The follow-up to 2014’s ‘the morning’ largely eschews his debut LP’s quiet, acoustic-based folk in favour of a bigger, fuller sound. Or, in simple terms, a “more is more” approach. And instead of his personal lyrics and heartfelt vocals being drowned out, they sound more emphatic and impassioned than ever before, bolstered by the newfound power of the music.

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The Swingles launching ‘Folklore’ at Cecil Sharp House

The Swingles vocal ensemble celebrate their 55th anniversary with a new album, ‘Folklore’, set to be launched with a concert on 30 March at Cecil Sharp House.

Ideas for the album, which features collaborations with traditional artists and is inspired by folk music from around the world, began taking shape at 2016’s London A Cappella Festival which saw them introduce their arrangement of traditional Filipino lullaby ‘Ili-Ili Tulog Anay’ to a UK audience.

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Sukh: ‘Something Good’ exclusive song premiere

Doctor by day, musician by night. That’s Sukhdeep Krishan, or Sukh to his fans. Since releasing his debut album ‘Kings’ in 2013, the Manchester-based singer-songwriter has balanced making music with making people better.

“I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven’t picked up a guitar and played a piano for a while. I get restless,” he reveals. “So I guess you could say I need to do it. Music is a completely different world to my day job.

“I like to think they complement each other, but the very nature of music and its ability to allow self-expression is a stark contrast to the guideline-driven and logical approach to medicine. Music, I guess, is my medicine especially with the current state of things.”

And today the medicine he’s prescribing is the sunny ‘Something Good’, his new single, out on 14 April.

“It’s a happy song and alludes to the idea that something good is everywhere but people are always looking for it, or perhaps overlooking it,” he says.

But, even though he’s a doctor, don’t just take his word for it. We have the exclusive premiere, so listen to it now.

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Craig Finn: We All Want The Same Things

Craig Finn | We All Want The Same Things

Craig Finn gets it. Solo projects are meant for adventure. Going it alone, only to hire a bunch of new guys to approximate what you do in your day job, is pointless. And so, picking up where 2015’s ‘Faith In The Future’ left off, The Hold Steady frontman’s third LP continues his exploration of new sounds and storytelling styles.

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