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Ash Wilson taking ‘Broken Machine’ on the road

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Ash Wilson is certainly getting his name out there in the run-up to the release of his debut album, ‘Broken Machine’ on 21 April.

Not only has the Lincolnshire singer-songwriter and guitarist just released a video for the LP’s title track, he’s the special guest at Sari Schorr’s London show on 21 March before joining Dan Patlansky’s UK tour in April and May. Continue reading Ash Wilson taking ‘Broken Machine’ on the road

Dan Patlansky: Start confessin’

Dan Patlansky | The Jazz Cafe | 9 June 2016

Photo credit: Jerry Tremaine

Dan Patlansky’s had a big year. In the 12 months since releasing his UK debut ‘Dear Silence Thieves’, the South African has trekked around the country (alone and with King King), supported Joe Satriani across Europe, expanded his touring band, and put out his strongest album yet.

At his first London show since December, he’s reaping the benefits. The venue’s bigger, with better sound. Added keyboards mean more textures to the music. And the light and shade of the new ‘IntroVertigo’ songs showcase not just his increasingly powerful vocals, but new-found nuances in his already dynamic playing style.

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Dan Patlansky: Taking count of victories

Picture credit: Bakkes Images

Dan Patlansky calls them the blues police. Men of a certain age who consider only traditional blues the real deal.

“As soon as you start changing your style to something with a slightly more modern edge, those guys just don’t believe in it,” explains the singer and guitarist. “All my music comes from the blues but it’s got a lot of other influences in there – be it classic rock, funk, soul, or jazz – because for me the most important thing is to follow your gut. Then the music is most honest, and as soon as the music’s honest and you’re passionate about that music, you’ve got the best chance at some sort of success with it.”

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Dan Patlansky has ‘IntroVertigo’ in London

Introvertigo is the “dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”. It’s also the name of the latest album by South African blues-rock guitarist Dan Patlansky.

Due for release in the UK on 6 May 2016, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ will be accompanied by extensive touring. Patlansky will be special guest on King King’s national tour in May before heading out on his own headline trek the following month, which includes a stop in London.

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Joe Satriani: On peregrine wings

Joe Satriani | Hammersmith Eventim Apollo | 10 November 2015

Photo credit: John Bull

Joe Satriani is a magician. Not one of those obnoxious guys at Covent Garden whose only real talent is shouting. Nor a gaudy Vegas illusionist hiding behind sequins, hair extensions, and confetti cannons.

Instead he’s the real deal, performing seemingly impossible feats right before your eyes. No smoke. No mirrors. Just magic. And, like all the greatest, he makes it all look so effortless you stop wondering how the trick’s done. You just gasp at the results instead.

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Dan Patlansky: Time slipping by so fast

Dan Patlansky | Hammersmith Eventim Apollo | 11 November 2015

Photo credit: John Bull

Dan Patlansky pulls the strap off his guitar. It’s a sure sign that something spectacular is about to happen, even though the musician has already won over an audience of Joe Satriani fans.

The bluesman has shown off his soul-baring playing style with the moody instrumental that opens his 40-minute support slot. He’s underlined the depth of his songwriting talents with the widescreen epic ‘Bring The World To Its Knees’, a heartfelt paean from 2012 offering ‘20 Stones’ that features a couple of searing solos for good measure. He’s shown off his willingness to explore new sounds on the adventurous ‘Run’, an explosive, hard-rocking track set to surface on forthcoming album ‘INTRO-VERTIGO’.

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Dan Patlansky digs deep ahead of London return

Dan Patlansky is building further anticipation ahead of his return to London with his latest music video.

Filmed on location in his native South Africa, ‘Fetch Your Spade’ features the blues-rock singer and guitarist performing the second single of his ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ album in a sweeping, barren landscape.

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