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The Pigeon Detectives: Return to the start

The Pigeon Detectives | Electric Ballroom | 15 March 2017

Matt Bowman isn’t lacking in energy. Whether he’s doing scissor kicks off the bass drum, opening plastic bottles with his mouth before drop-kicking them into the audience, showering himself in water, crowd surfing while singing, balancing precariously on his monitors, or swinging his microphone on its lead, Roger Daltrey-style, the frontman barely stands still for 90 minutes.  

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The Pigeon Detectives share ‘Broken Glances’ at Electric Ballroom

The Pigeon Detectives, who burst onto the scene with their platinum-selling 2007 debut ‘Wait for Me’, are back with a new album and UK tour.

Vocalist Matt Bowman, guitarists Oliver Main and Ryan Wilson, bassist Dave Best, and drummer Jimmi Naylor hit Electric Ballroom in Camden on 15 March in support of fifth LP ‘Broken Glances’.

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Lonely The Brave: I’ll be the sky

Lonely The Brave | Electric Ballroom | 6 October 2016

There are only so many things that can be done with guitar, bass, and drums. So some rock groups put a flamboyant guy out front, devise a look (masks, costumes, mohawks), or develop a “thing” (the band with the beards/motorbike on stage/outspoken views).

But, in the long run, the best way to stand out is with grab-you-by-the-throat or infiltrate-your-mind songs big enough to fill stadiums. And, across two albums, that’s exactly what Lonely The Brave have done, with the results on full display at a rammed Electric Ballroom. The rock anthems – loud, fast, and heavy – provoke fist pumping, synchronised clapping, and – up front – moshing, while the ballads prompt open arms, hugs, and the occasional raised lighter.

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Airbourne breakin’ outta hell and into Camden

Airbourne are ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ and into the UK this winter as they go on tour in support of their fourth album.

The band, who played the Ramblin’ Man festival in Kent this past weekend, play Camden’s Electric Ballroom on 27 and 28 November 2016. Tickets are available here.

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Teenage Fanclub are ‘Here’ again

It’s taken six years, but Teenage Fanclub are back with a new album, their tenth.

‘Here’ is set for release on 9 September and will be accompanied by extensive touring across the UK, including two London shows: Islington Assembly Hall on 5 September and Electric Ballroom on 22 November 2016.

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Happyness join Dandy Warhols’ Distortland

Happyness are taking a break from working on their second album to join The Dandy Warhols on tour across the UK and Europe.

The Distortland tour, which kicks off in Belgium on 7 May, reaches Camden’s Electric Ballroom on 21 May 2016.

The band – Ash Cooper, Benji Compston, and Jonny Allan – will be joined on the dates by an extra musician, allowing them to play some of the parts they can’t normally perform on stage as a trio.

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Royal Republic: A roundhouse kick to the heart

Royal Republic | Electric Ballroom | 2 March 2016

“Four Swedes walk into a room…” sounds like the setup to a really bad joke, especially when one of them’s wearing a Colonel Sanders bowtie. But saving rock ‘n roll is serious business and Royal Republic waste no time getting down to it.

As they rip into ‘When I See You Dance With Another’ it’s immediately obvious there’s a lot more to the Malmö quartet than that old “three chords and the truth” business. Sure, their snappy, no-nonsense songs are so instantly gratifying that, within 30 seconds, you’re shouting along with all the finesse of a lager-fuelled football supporter. Yes, they deliver those foot-stomping hooks and fist-pumping choruses with such power and precision that you can almost smell the testosterone wafting off the stage. But what really sets these men apart is a self-confident swagger and look-at-me charisma that won’t let you look away.

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