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Joe Bonamassa: British Blues Explosion Live

Joe Bonamassa | British Blues Explosion Live

(Photo: Christie Goodwin)

Almost two years have passed since Joe Bonamassa played Greenwich Music Time Festival. And yet, as the guitarist plays the opening notes of ‘Beck’s Bolero’, one’s immediately transported back to that warm summer night in July 2016 when, on the grounds of historic Old Naval College, Bonamassa paid his respects to the stars of the British blues explosion.

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Joe Bonamassa: Riding with the Kings

Joe Bonamassa | Live At The Greek Theatre | 9/10

Photo credit: Christie Goodwin

“Playing blues music, it’s timing,” explains B.B. King in the archival news clip that opens ‘Live At The Greek Theatre’. “You don’t always know where the children get this from, but all I know is he got it,” the blues legend says of Joe Bonamassa – who, at the time, was 13.

Fast-forward 25 years to 2015 and Bonamassa, now a blues legend himself, embarks on a US tour celebrating the music of the ‘Three Kings’: B.B., Albert, and Freddie. The 14-date trek culminates at The Greek, an historic Los Angeles amphitheatre that proves to be the perfect setting for this celebration of equally historic music.

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Joe Bonamassa: This train don’t stop for no-one

Joe Bonamassa | Blues of Desperation | 9/10

 How, more than 10 years in, do you create a career-defining album? Have an affair with someone in the band who’s married to someone else in the band while you’re already sleeping with someone else in the band, then record songs about the fallout while doing huge amounts of cocaine? Spend three years writing and recording, and another three months mixing, 60 minutes of music, while coming to terms with the $4.5-million in studio bills and your drummer losing an arm?

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