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Zola Jesus unchained at Village Underground

Zola Jesus has shared ‘Soak’, the second song from her forthcoming album ‘Okovi’. The LP, due on 8 September, will be supported by a UK tour including a London show at Village Underground on 7 November.

‘Soak’ is written through the lens of serial killer’s victim, clinging to life and about to be dumped in the water.

“I was thinking about this crucial moment inside the victim’s mind, when she knows she’s going to die. She thinks back at her life and the futility of the decisions she made, when in the end her life would be cut short against her will,” says the musician.

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Noga Erez going ‘Off The Radar’ at Convergence

Noga Erez, who announced her arrival late last year with debut single ‘Dance While You Shoot’ and two London shows, is headed back to the city.

The Tel Aviv singer plays Convergence Festival at Village Underground with Rival Consoles on 21 March. Tickets are available now.

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MONEY: I pray you’re never empty

MONEY | Village Underground | 22 February 2016

Jamie Lee steps onto the stage, alone. Admitting MONEY have had a rough time of it, he sincerely thanks those people who’ve helped him through before dedicating a song to one in particular. A piece of fragile beauty, performed solo on an acoustic guitar, it’s so new there’s not even a title yet.

It’s a ballsy way to open a gig, but immediately bonds performer and punter, with the created intimacy unaffected by the full band’s arrival. Complemented by a cellist and violinist, they sensitively fill out Lee’s heartfelt take on the equally delicate, equally haunting ‘You Look Like a Sad Painting on Both Sides of the Sky’.

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Son Lux: Pull out your heart

Son Lux | Village Underground | 21 October 2015

Blame smartphones, earbuds, iTunes, Spotify, that incessant rattling of the tube, or the sales team in your open-plan office. Whatever the reason, listening to music has become an insular — rather than communal — experience.

Gigs are one of the few remaining exceptions — and Ryan Lott takes full advantage. Despite being stuck behind his keyboard for much of the set, the Son Lux mastermind uses every opportunity to connect with — and unite — the audience. Whether he’s earnestly addressing the capacity crowd between songs, conducting the mass singalong of ‘I Am The Others’, or thanking his fans with a sincerity that can’t be faked, the frontman wants tonight to feel truly inclusive.

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Son Lux at Village Underground

Fronted by Ryan Lott, Son Lux performed songs from their latest album, ‘Bones’, as well as past hits like ‘Easy’ and ‘Lost It To Trying’ to a sold-out Village Underground on 21 October 2015. The group, rounded out by drummer Ian Chang and guitarist  Rafiq Bhatia, were supported on the emotionally charged night by Olga Bell and Barbarossa.

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Son Lux ‘Redone’ for Village Underground

Son Lux are celebrating their upcoming UK shows with a new version of their next single.

The group, who play London’s Village Underground on 21 October 2015, have teamed up with their support act on most of the forthcoming shows, Olga Bell, to re-record the song ‘Undone’.

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